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Go Green Financing was created to help you find the best financing options available for your energy efficiency project. This website allows California residents and businesses to browse our continuously updated database of financing solutions and filter the various options down to a more manageable number, making it easy to get in touch with a lender that fits your own unique needs and preferences.

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California has been doing a fantastic job leading the country in climate change mitigation efforts. However, not everyone realizes that there are many resources available to help property owners and renters pay for these energy improvements. California is the State of Saving, and Go Green Financing will help you to save money on your monthly payments while you make your property more efficient, more comfortable, and a healthier environment for you and the other people that share the space with you.

Frequently Asked Questions

We know financing can be confusing, but it doesn't have to be! This section contains answers to the most commonly asked questions, without the jargon or the fine-print.

Go Green Financing is an unbiased third-party marketplace for finding energy project-related financing solutions for both single family residential, multifamily, small business, local government, and other non-residential properties in the State of California.

It is important to know that Go Green Financing does not provide actual loans; it is a marketplace that promotes and educates consumers on the available financing options and how to choose one financing product over another based on their own customized needs.

The Go Green Financing website is for residential and non-residential consumers who want to become aware of and educated on the opportunities they have to pay for energy projects in California. There are many financing options available to consumers today and the Go Green Financing website is designed to be a one-stop-shop for property owners, renters, property management companies and contractors to evaluate different financing options for their projects and follow up with the lenders offering those projects to either get more information or to apply for a loan or lease with that lender.

The CHEEF is the administrator for the statewide financing pilot programs administered by the state of California in partnership with the four investor-owned utility companies (Southern California Edison, Pacific Gas & Electric, Southern California Gas Company, and San Diego Gas & Electric). The CHEEF has successfully launched the Residential Energy Efficiency Loan (REEL) Assistance Program in July 2016, and it plans to design and launch additional programs to help the multifamily and non-residential market sectors.

Go Green Financing, on the other hand, is designed to be an unbiased resource for Californians to search for the solution that best fits their needs and budgets. Financing is a solution to most mid-sized energy efficiency projects. By spreading the cost of construction over monthly payments, rather than viewing the cost as one lump sum, California consumers can truly have everything they want to do in a single, financed, bundled project rather than putting it on your credit card or draining your cash reserves.

The CHEEF has qualified contractors approved to specialize in offering the financial products they administer through participating lenders throughout California. More information can be found in the CHEEF section of the Financing Finder here on this website or by visiting www.theCHEEF.com.

The Go Green Financing website is the Financing Finder, which allows prospective customers to browse all of the products that in the ever-growing statewide database. The Financing Finder allows users to explore and compare different categories of financing products and contact lenders directly for more information. Each product in the finder has its own profile page so that users can learn about the lending institution, identify the basic terms or ranges of terms that a specific product offers and apply through that institution.

In addition to the Financing Finder, the Go Green Financing website hosts a Finance Decision-Making Assistance tool, which is designed to help prospective customers identify what is most important to them when it comes to financing energy projects. The tool asks the customer several general questions, then uses decision-making software to prioritize the answers and create a customized list of financing products that are ranked according to the customer's preferences. Through this process, customers should feel confident that their top 2-3 loan products will meet their needs. When finished, users can either share their report with a contractor or lender or experiment with different criteria combinations to see how their results change based on their responses.

The CHEEF doesn't provide any loans. The CHEEF administers the various financing pilots developed by the state of California in partnership with the different utility companies throughout the state. The CHEEF drafts the rules and regulations, manages the financial institutions and contractor qualification and eligibility, and then performs quality control on the various projects to make sure the loans receiving the financial benefits from the state of CA are following the rules as written.

Go Green Financing helps promote the CHEEF financial programs in conjunction with other products and programs available for the public benefit. For more information, specifically on the CHEEF program offerings, please visit www.theCHEEF.com.

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